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Asbestos & Non Asbestos Gland Packing Ropes

PTFE Gland Packing

The Pure PTFE Yarn Packing is manufactured from Pure PTFE Fibre in interlock braid with pre lubed sealing agent. It has excellent heat dissipating property and is inert to virtually all chemical media. It is a soft resilient packing with high dimensional strength & low coefficient of friction. Further, dispersion of PTFE aids in handling high pressures.

Asbestos Gland Packing Graphite Rope

Gland Packing provides a dynamic seal for a rod, shaft or stem via a housing or gland that is packed with resilient or semi-resilient material, thus providing a localized contact area, which offers a physical barrier to leakage.

Graphite Coated Metal Reinforced Ceramic Rope

This Graphite Coated Ceramic Fiber Rope With Wire Reinforcement is braided from Aluminosilicate yarn (Ceramic yarn) reinforced with Inconel/SS wire & impregnated with special lubricant enriched with High Carbon Graphite. It is resistant to very high temperature and is intended to be used for movable components as well. Impregnation of every thread before braiding results in a very high performance packing. This packing is available in various sizes from 6mm to 100mm or above on request.